Giveaway Vibes: FUN DMC Family ticket to the Half Term Hip Hop Special + Interview with Spin Doctor

It’s February, Half Term is round the corner and it’s Giveaway time! For this months Giveaway, FUN DMC have kindly given us a family ticket for their Half Term Hip Hop Special on the 18th February. If you haven’t been to a FUN DMC event, have a read of our previous blog post FUN DMC Vibes.

Fun DMC merchandise family rave

February is notoriously cold and wet! If you’re at a loss on what to do with the kids next week, then Spin Doctor and the Fun DMC crew have got your back! In addition to their Half Term Hip Hop event in Hoxton, on the 18th, they are also running a Free event on the 13th.

Fun DMC Half Term Hip Hop Special

The Half Term Special will take place in the Royal Festival Hall, for the Southbank’s Imagine Festival. We were lucky enough to get to interview the guy who has your Half Term kids entertainment on lock. Find out about the origins of FUN DMC, and the beginnings of Spin Doctors Love with Hip Hop, vinyl, and a dream about Barry White.

Details of the giveaway are below.

An Interview with Spin Doctor – Fun DMC founder and Promoter

  • You’ve been promoting since 2000, tell us a bit about your very first event.

I will be brutally honest I can not 100% guarantee this was the first one but I did a party called Good Foot in a basement, in Soho that I can not even remember the name of. I think it was a Thursday night and about 25 people turned up. Despite losing money and denting my pride I decided it was still the way to go, and here I am 18 years later throwing parties for people who had not even been born then.

  • 2005 saw the start of “The Doctors orders” , what’s the story behind the name?

My first event as The Doctor’s Orders was actually a birthday party I threw myself at Herbal in Kingsland Road, which is now unfortunately long gone. I had been hassling them for dates for ages because I wanted to start a new night, and when they offered me one in July I saw it as the perfect excuse to get some bums on seats by making all my mates come for my b-day.

Because my DJ name is Spin Doctor it made sense to make it The Doctor’s Orders and it has gone from there.

  • The Doctors Orders have presented many different nights including RnB Karaoke, orchestral renditions and pub quizzes. What type of event have you always dreamed of doing but never had the chance to do?

Hmm that is a tough one. There are loads of acts I have never had the chance to put on that I love but I had a genuine dream one night many years ago that I was doing a double bill of Barry White and Issac Hayes with a full philharmonic orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall. I woke up thinking right one day… but about 6 months later Barry White died.

  • Time out described you guys as “The Kings of the Capitals hip hop scene”, what age did you discover hip hop & what was it about the music that you found so appealing?

I was pretty young. I am the youngest of 6 kids and all my older sisters and brother were into all kinds of things from classic rock like Led Zep and Pink Floyd, to Soul stuff of Motown and Michael Jackson and popier stuff like Abba and Elton John. One particular sister was into the whole New York punk thing like The Ramones etc. She came home with a copy of Beastie Boys ‘License To Ill’ one day and when I heard it I was blown away. I lay on her bedroom floor just flicking the record over and over again hearing bits of records I felt I recognised but not understanding it because I did not know about sampling. I was totally fascinated by it and could not get my head round how it was made and that was it, I went down a rabbit hole I have never come out of.

  • You put your first FUN DMC event on in 2014, what made you decide to put on a block party type event for all the family?

Having a kid! I was thinking about it when my mate Charlie Dark came to me and said he had an idea. We chatted about it and were on the same exact chain of thought so figured right let’s do this. If we were into it we presumed other parents would be and we just kicked on from there.

  • Your FUN DMC events remind us of a New York block party, with graffiti workshops’, beat boxing & breakdancing lessons for kids – but the big question is East coast or West coast?

That is a tough one. My favourite rappers are probably from NYC  A Tribe Called Quest, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z etc but my favourite producer of all time is J Dilla from Detroit followed by Dr Dre from LA so it is hard to call exactly. As I have been to NYC about 10 times and only been to the West Coast once I guess that sways it.

  • How long does it take to find Hip Hop that is clean enough to be played at FUN DMC? I know that we’re having to take a lot of our favourite tunes off our playlists, and searching for clean versions isn’t an easy task.

Well it is not that easy but in this digital age not as hard as you might think. The first thing I did was hook up with some radio DJ friends of mine that shall remain nameless and did a bunch of file shares because they obviously have to have all clean versions to play on air. Then I dug through a bunch of the promo download services that I am subscribed to which because they also service radio DJs usually have clean edits and finally resorted to looking through download sites etc. The issue is that sometimes they are listed as clean or radio version but there are still N words in there and often themes that are not exactly child friendly so we have to play it safe sometimes.

  • Where would you say, is the best venue that you have ever held an event?  What would be your dream venue?

We choose our venues for FUN DMC very carefully because there are so many factors to take into consideration; accessibility, places to park prams, room for all the things we involve, changing facilities etc etc.

It would not be fair to call it one of the best but that said it is always nice when you can say we have sold out the Albert Hall (we don’t always tell people it is the smaller upstairs room).

A dream venue I guess might be to do a FUN DMC pool party somewhere hot, with lots of lifeguards so the parents can still sneak in a cheeky beer.

  • Cameo’s song Candy, is a big hit at your events – have you mastered the Electric Slide?

No idea! Luckily I’m always on the decks so I don’t have to!

  • The main elements that make up Hip Hop are B-boying, MC’in, Graf, DJ’in and Beat Boxing – do you have any other tricks up your sleeve apart from DJ’in?

No I stick to the mixing. I did have a tag as a kid which might have found its way onto the back of a few school chairs, and on the 19 bus now and again but nothing serious. That tag was Zeus which is now my son’s middle name.

  • You’ve had many great artists perform at your events, like the amazing Erykah Badu, and the cream of the crop DJ’s like DJ Premier, Norman Jay, and Jazzy Jeff to name a few… who would be on your dream lineup?

Jazzy Jeff is on there for sure! He is hands down the best party DJ of all time. We have a party with him coming up and I am going to try and persuade him to do FUN DMC too but it may be too expensive for a family event.

Mr Thing is simply the best DJ in the UK, and one of the most passionate vinyl collectors you have ever seen. His collection is insane! He is also a very close friend and one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet. Other than those 2, DJ Nu Mark is one of the best party DJs and rocks these super eclectic sets where he can be playing rock and all kinds of stuff but in a super Hip-Hop style and energy.

  • Finally what plans do you have for Fun DMC in the future?

Put simply to keep growing. I have this crazy idea for a kids show about the history of Hip-Hop which I have not got the time to develop at the moment but who know’s… one day!

Vibes life us selfie at Fun DMC family rave

Thank you so much Spin Doctor for answering our questions. We hope that the FUN DMC pool party becomes a reality! We will be joining you for both parties next week, and we’re looking forward to seeing Jazzie B from Soul ll Soul in March!! Make sure you keep checking the Fun DMC website & Twitter for more information on this event soon.

Now for the giveaway!! To win a Family ticket to the Half Term Special at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen please see below.



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