Carry On Kelmarsh Vibes : Camping in Utopia

2020 The Year That Lost A Summer

Since the UK went into its first lockdown, there has been growing concern for the future of live events.  This time last year, a Summer without live music was looking increasingly likely.  So you can imagine how relieved we were when the team behind Starry Skies and Shambala announced their plans to reinvigorate Summer 2020.  Carry on Kelmarsh was billed as a “once in a lifetime opportunity”, and we can confirm it was all that and more. read more

Oi Frog Vibes : A Review of Oi Frog and Friends at The Lyric Theatre

Disclosure: We were gifted complementary tickets to Oi Frog & Friends in exchange for a review.  All opinions and words are our own. 

Oi Frog and Friends

We’ve been fans of the hysterical ‘Oi’ series since Em was months old.  In fact Kes Gray’s ‘Oi Frog’ was one of the first books I read to him.  I loved the colourful and fun illustrations by Jim Field, and the sass and attitude of Frog and Cat I could totally get on board with.  Since then we have followed the rhyming antics of Frog, Cat and the not so clever dog, and “Oi Frog… Sit on a Log” is a common phrase in our household! read more

Boomtown Vibes: The 10 Stages Where you Might Find Us at Chapter 11

Boomtown Chapter 11- No Time Like the Present

2019 is turning out to be pretty special for us. We’ve got so many festivals to blog about, we don’t know where to begin. This year is also our first time attending the magnificent audio and visual feast that is Boomtown Fair. We’re not sure why exactly it’s taken us so long to get involved in this absolute monster of an event.  After all Boomtowns outrageously themed sectors and stages are the stuff, that most festival heads’ dreams are made of.  What ever the reason, here we are and Chapter 11 will be our first experience of this immersive city.  Check out our previous Boomtown Vibes post, where we have listed 5 reasons why 2019 is the time to hit the Radical City!

Starry Skies Vibes: Why We’re Going to get Mucky This Summer at Starry Skies Festival

Look to Starry Skies

If you’ve been following us for a while, you will know that one of our favourite past times is Festivaling.  Is that even a word? If not we’re claiming it.  Going to Festivals as a family is our way of spending precious time with each other! It’s also a way to experience a festival through Emerson’s eyes. His impression when he hears music ,and all the bright colours!  Or the way he chases a group of running children into the woods gives us pure joy.   

GoBoat Vibes: A Review of the new GoBoat Kingston Location

Cruising the Thames With GoBoat

Last month we were invited to Kingston, to trial the new GoBoat location ahead of its official launch.  We live so close to the Thames, and have often dreamt about hiring a boat for a spot of cruising, whilst we have walked the tow paths.  The sailors along the Thames always look like they are living the dream!   Waving at us mere mortals, whilst chugging a beer, carefree in the beaming sunshine.  That’s the dream right there!  So when we got this invite there wasnt ever a chance that we were going to say No.