Em’s 1st Birthday Vibes – How to Plan a Block Party fit for a 1 year old

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The Big 1

In a lifetime you get a few milestone Birthdays.  Although you might not remember your 1st, I’m pretty sure your parents most definitely do.  This year has been a complete whirlwind, and hands down one of the best, and hardest years of our life.  For that reason we wanted to celebrate Little Em’s 1st  Birthday, and us surviving as parents in true style.  But, What do you do for a 1 year old who has just returned from Coachella, and who’s raving career far exceeds mine when I was 18? read more

360 Vibes: A review of the NEW Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh Baby Carrier

360 Vibes Ergobaby omni 360

Whole Lotta Ergobaby Love

We have been lovers of baby wearing since Emerson was 8 weeks old.   If you live in London you know that owning a baby carrier is a necessity.  As convenient as the tube is, unfortunately many of the stations are just not suitable for prams.  You will also know that if you’re ever caught out at rush hour, then London commuters most definitely arnt buggy friendly.  Space is a commodity on the underground, and prams use up lots of it. So strapping your baby to your person is the way forward, or backward depending on how you carry. read more

Danish Vibes – 48 hours in Copenhagen a review of SKT. Petri

Review of SKT Petri

A Soul & Sanity Saving City Break to Copenhagen

Copenhagen has never been on our bucket list until now.  We’ve always been a fan of the city break. Getting away for a few nights, and exploring a new destination always does wonders for the soul, and our sanity.  For this very reason we always try to book a couple of trips a year. Ok, we hold our hands up, these escapes usually coincided with Arctic Monkeys tour dates, but they were city breaks nevertheless.  In between the fan girling, city sights were definitely seen. read more

Vibes Life Essential Guide to Coachella – Part 3 Car Camping Vibes

This is part 3 of our Vibes Life Essential Guide to Coachella , for the full guide click here

Camping at Coachella? Do it right!

Camping at a festival is a right of passage for any adult let alone teenager. There’s not a festival campsite in the world that doesn’t have that lawless, “Mad Max” feel about it. A place where spontaneous riots/parties erupt out of nowhere and everybody you meet is a potential “new friend for life”.  Festival stripes are awarded to those who elegantly (and painlessly) navigate through 6 inches of mud to their camping spot. Armed with nothing but a rickety sack trolly, loaded to breaking point with 3 crates of beer, 2 sleeping bags, 1 tent and a pot noodle. read more

Vibes Life Essential Guide to Coachella – Part 2 A Vibes Life Mans “Crazy Ramblings” Guide to Online ticket Purchasing

Welcome to Part 2 of this Vibes Life Essential Guide to Coachella, the line up got announced this week, and the final release of General tickets go on sale this Friday, the 5th January 2018.  Securing tickets online for any festival is stressful at best, and there is no real “tutorial” that can be given for this essential part of the process. We know people who really struggle to get tickets when it comes to this method, and for whatever reason they miss out year after year.  All we can do is pass on our own little nuggets of advice in the hope that you to will be successful. Be prepared, trying to explain this in person and trying to write about it here are two completely different entities so at times you will find me ranting on like a deranged psychopath using words like “Data” and “Traffic”.  Stay with me, read through it a couple of times, make notes if you want and come Friday 19.00 GMT  (thats 11.00 PDT) it will all fall into place. My ramblings will turn into fact and you will keep your Kool in an international wide state of ticket buying panic.  Lets do this. read more

Interview Vibes : an Interview with Big Fish Little Fish Founder Hannah Saunders.


Happy New Year to you all! You will probably have read our review of the amazing family event Big Fish Little Fish, that we posted last month.  If you haven’t then you should heres the link Big Fish Little Fish Vibes
The crew over at BFLF were kind enough to let us interview Hannah,  but they have also given us a family pass to their upcoming launch event of BFLF x Camp Bestival “Around the World in 18 Raves Tour” at the Fire & Lightbox club in Vauxhall, London with 2 Bad Mice headlining on the 27th January 2018.    Giveaway details to win tickets to board HMS BFLF, and sail the 7 seas are at the bottom of this post, but for now let’s find out the answers to those all important questions that we asked Hannah about the origins of BFLF, and her raving career.

Vibes Life Essential Guide to Coachella – Part 1 Preparation Vibes – Which ticket to buy, which weekend to go?

For Part one of our Vibes Life Essential guide to Coachella we’re gonna take it right back to the start. There’s a few things to think about now you’ve committed yourself to getting across the pond for 3 straight days of dancing like a lunatic and drinking sangria out of a bag thats being slapped. They may not be the most important decisions you make all weekend but these are probably the most grown up out of the whole procedure, the choices you make here will actually have a cause and effect on your whole experience. But let’s not get too dramatic and take what I’ve just said too seriously, whatever works for you works for you, thats all that matters. read more

Vibes Life Essential Guide to Coachella – Introduction

Every year, over 100,000 revellers descend on the grassy green fields of the Empire polo club, nestled in the Californian desert town of Indio, this location’s surrounding mountain ranges create arguably one of the most breathtaking festival backdrops in history.   Although best known for its chart topping A-list headliners (and surprise guest appearances), the Coachella Valley Arts and Music festival is something of a pilgrimage for the many people who journey there, ourselves included.  Just like Glastonbury, Isle of Wight, Burning man, or any of the worlds biggest and most famous festivals, Coachella has certain sights and experiences that keep people returning, almost religiously, year after year. read more