About Us

We’re a couple in our mid thirties who are doing our best to balance our inner adolescence with the responsibilities we are expected to have as adults.  We met back in 2002 at Fabric nightclub, this gives a pretty good idea on how our relationship was going to be.  From that night we have spent our time enjoying music all over the world, and searching for new adventures and experiences together.

In May this year Emerson decided to join the party we have always been mindful that having a baby shouldn’t mean your life has to stop.  In Emerson’s first 5 months he has been raving, camped at a music festival, is a regular yogi and has holidayed in Greece.  We’re looking forward to having him along for the ride he already has a ticket to Coachella 2018!

This blog will be about our experiences as individuals, a couple and family.  Expect posts about gigs, festivals and other events that are all about bringing the good vibes.

Pete, Keeley & Emerson

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Leave a Reply

  1. floatinggold · September 7

    That sounds awesome. Do you want to adopt me?

    • admin · September 7

      The more the merrier..