Fun DMC Vibes – 10 Reasons why Midday is the new Midnight

You’ve probably seen from our previous post Big Fish Little Fish Vibes, that we love a baby rave.  We’re in the midst of that first year baby haze, so still working up to that “Im back” drinking sesh.  As our willpower is non existent, we need Emerson to escort us when raving to alleviate the urge to get totally annihilated.

That said it’s New Years Eve, and we have to do something !! HAVE TO! In the 16 New Years’ we have spent together, we have never stayed in just the 2 of us. Other than that 1 year when we got a bit carried away dancing in the kitchen to 1Xtra.  We got too happy, mixing champs with VSOP and then spent the run up to midnight over the toilet! Rather than at the Garage event we had tickets to in East London.  Even last year 5 months pregnant we somehow made it to Shoreditch.


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New Years Eve planning is notoriously hard, its that feeling of necessity that you should be out celebrating, coupled with the logistics aggro that comes with actually going out on NYE.  So this year deciding what to do with a baby was always going to be a toughie. Our decision was made when we saw that The Doctors Orders were putting on a New Years Eve event.  ‘Fun DMC-A New Years Eve Party where Midday is the new midnight’ even had a countdown to 12pm!!  We were sold!!  Having been to The Doctors Orders events before we knew the tunes were going to be right up our street.  Fun DMC have been putting on daytime block parties, for the whole family since 2014 and the tunes played range from Hip Hop, Funk & Disco, definitely a bit of us.

Fun DMC block party
Pete, and I have quite an eclectic taste in music.  We met at a DnB rave, fell in love over our obsession with Eminem, and spent subsequent years chasing Arctic Monkeys around the world. We want to pass our AMAZING (well we think so) taste in music on to Emerson.  As a family we’ve raved to hardcore and DnB at BFLF,  and listened to a bit of rock and Indie at Meraki Festival.  Up until now Emerson has only got down to hip hop in the back of the car.  Now its time for Emerson to gain hip hop stripes, hopefully he will be able to breakdance better than his dad.   What better place for him to do it than at a block party on New Years Eve.

Here’s our countdown on why Fun DMC’s Midday is the new Midnight:

10.  Fun DMC Merch

Emersons wardrobe is insane, he has more clothes than us put together, Im obsessed with buying the little guy fresh garms.  We’re also very unorganised, so when it comes to putting his clothes away, the changing table makes a good closet.  Meaning a lot of clothes get lost.  When we purchased Fun DMC tickets, it was a good time to find that Run DMC TShirt that had been buried.  This wasn’t necessary though, as there is a Merchandise stall, where you can buy ‘Fun DMC’ shirts. Theres even matching Tee’s for Mum and Dad (we’re all about that Twinning life).  Our favourite Tee was Notorious KID, with that baby with the fro off of Biggies Ready to Die album.  Unfortunately its not available in Emerson’s size, soon though soon.  In addition to Tshirts, there were giant Gold Chains that Flava Flav would be envious of, and ghetto colouring books.

Fun DMC merchandise

9 .  You don’t spend all night fighting for the bar staffs attention

Doors open at 10am, so you’re not dealing with drunkards trying to get that pint in ready for the countdown.  There is no hanging over the bar with a tenner in hand, desperately trying to make eye contact with the bar staff.  The clientele are much more civilised getting those warm up drinks in whilst keeping a close eye on the kids.  The bar at Jujus has an excellent cocktail menu though, which you could easily work your way down.  The Gin bouquet was the New Year Noon cocktail for me, whilst the designated driver enjoyed an IPA on tap.  There were plenty of mums toasting midday with a glass of champs, just no pissheads falling into your freshly brought drink.

Gin bouquet cocktail at Jujus

8.    Getting up

It wouldn’t be a block party without some graffiti. At Fun DMC you can paint trains without the fear of getting a hefty fine or losing any limbs. Ok, they are giant coloring posters of trains but it’s Getting up nether the less, and the children love it.  Plenty of crayons were provided, along with tables where the kids could work on their tags.

7. How high can you jump

In true BBoy battle style, resident DJ and founder Spindoctor held a jumping competition to the soundtrack of House Of Pains – Jump Around, Of course!  It was a tough competition but he narrowed it down to 2 kids who had to battle it out and give Spindoctor an ever increasing in height high 5.  Sadly Emersons high 5 didn’t count as he had the advantage of being held in my arms.  The mini Lebron, came away with a prized TShirt for his efforts.

Run DMC baby graffiti brick lane

6. Decent tunes

Dependent on where you end up on New Years Eve there is always a chance that the music isn’t going to be up to parr. You quite often end up going along with the majority of your group, and the NYE soundtrack can be suspect to say the least.  This is something you don’t have to worry about at a Fun DMC event, with a broad mix across genres there is guaranteed no cheese! We danced to Bob Marley, garage, decent hip hop (clean versions obviously) and disco – which gives the younger generation a lesson in decent music. Its happening Im turning into my parents haha.​

5. Not being stung for entry

Everyone knows NYE is a rip off, even shitty old pubs will charge you to get in. Our tickets cost £15 and we had 4 hours of decent tunes. Other than Flowers, the tune selection was on point.  Emerson on the other hand was loving that Sweet Female Attitude and we have the video footage to prove it.


4. It’s like Candy

Where else can you get down to Cameo’s Candy on a Sunday afternoon? This song is a guaranteed dance floor filler!  It is one of those tunes that people rush to the floor, then fall into 1 of 2 categories. You either nail the Electric Slide, or you do your best at keeping up but end up just spinning around looking lost.

3. Balloon drops, Glitter & Auld Lang’s Syne

The countdown to midday could have easily been midnight.   You couldn’t tell it was daylight outside and the anticipation for the countdown was just as you would expect.  If it wasn’t for us being sober we never would have known. When the countdown got to 1, the Fun DMC balloons dropped into the crowd, mini glitter canons popped and the DJ dropped a hip hop version of Auld Lang’s Syne. The atmosphere was phenomenal!  The best thing is you can countdown with your children, staying up until midnight is a huge feat for the little ones so to get to party with them and do a countdown is amazing.

2. The non existent walk of shame

The last tune played then it was out of the doors into the daylight.  Rather than leaving the venue at 6am, in search for a taxi that is going to cost double bubble, it was lunch time!  So we headed into Brick Lane to get some munch from one of the many, many food stalls. This makes a change as in the early hours of New Year’s Day we are usually making our annual pilgrimage across town for an infamous Saltbeef Bagel from Brick Lane Beigel Bake.

1. You can do it all over again

For those parents who can handle their drink and arnt as sleep deprived as us, this is just the warm-up. With any luck the kids would have been really going for it on the dance floor & play areas and be ready for bed.   Leaving the parents to be able to bring in the New Year however they please.

Family raving at fun DMC

Thats it for our countdown, as you can see we had a brilliant time.  A special mention needs to go out to the founder Spindoctor.  He was a superb host, he personally went round and made sure everyone was having fun.  He gave out stickers and balloons to the kids who weren’t lucky enough to get 1 in the ballon drop.  You can tell he has a real passion for putting on parties, we can’t wait to go back.  If you’re interested in going to a Fun DMC event the good news is you don’t have to wait until New Years Eve 2018.  They are about to celebrate their 3rd Birthday at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes on the 28th January 2018.  You can get more information, and buy tickets here



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  1. floatinggold · January 11

    You made it sound like that party was OFF THE HOOK! The kid is so perfectly dressed and the merch surely adds to his cuteness.

    • admin · January 11

      Considering it was done by 2pm we did have a good morning- it was odd feeling so fresh raving at 10am haha that kind of behavior usually comes at the end of a sesh!!

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