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Feeling a little jaded on Sunday after getting into the Christmas “spirit” (that goes by the name of Gin), I opened up my phone to a message from a fellow blogger. The Girl Who Went Everywhere, Jinpa Smith has nominated us for a Liebster Award. This news blew away the cobwebs, our blog is only a few months old, so this was something that we really weren’t expecting.

We have seen a lot about this award lately, as 2018 is getting closer, along with the 25th December closing date the nominees blog entries have been all over the net. Liebster which means Beloved in Germany is an Internet Award, created in order to recognise new blogs, entrants are nominated by the people who know and love blogs the best; bloggers! Its a great way to discover new reading material, and get to know the nominees, as once nominated you have to then choose another 5 -11 blogs to pass the chalice to, as well as asking a set of questions.

We are over the moon that our experiences as music, and festival loving new parents, suffering from wanderlust and clinging to our youth resonates with others. If we inspire one person to grab that proverbial bull by the horn and do what they want to do, rather than worry about the what if’s, or what people will think, then the time spent documenting our story is well worth it. So for this we want to thank Jinpa.

Her blog The Girl Who Went Everywhere is a beautifully laid out travelogue, detailing her travelling adventures, and her inward personal journey. A little older than us, and also from the raving generation it has been a pleasure reading her posts about her trip though Turkey, Georgia & Armenia. You can read part 1 hereTurkey, Georgia, Armenia. Part 1: Istanbul

Now for our nominee tasks.

Our Favourite Blog – Travel Mad Mum

Blogging has been around for what seems like forever, and although I’ve read a few blog turned books like Belle Du Jour back in my early 20’s, and the odd blog post featured on Pinterest detailing how to declutter your life, or organise yourself better I hadn’t really taken an interest. That was until I heard about the Travel Mad Mum.

Karen is a seasoned traveler, who took full advantage of her maternity leave, by backpacking around the world with her husband and daughter Esme, who was only 10 weeks. Before we even dreamed of starting a family, I was following Karen’s story and she is the definition of parenting goals in our eyes. We love travelling and this was one of the reasons we left having a baby quite late, “Just one more Coachella” we would say. 5 trips to the desert later and we were still childless. We were sent the link to this blog so many times by friends and family, who knew we would relate.

When we found out we were expecting our baby last year, the Travel Mad Mum announced that she was expecting their second child and baby Quinn was born a month after Emerson. Whilst we were feeling smug about a successful family day out at Notting Hill Carnival, she was embarking on another backpacking trip with a toddler, and newborn in tow. This awesome family are currently travelling around Central America, and we’re loving reading their stories, and taking on board the many tips that are given in her honest write ups.

She really is an inspiration, and one of the reasons why we started to blog. The life lessons her children are learning whilst discovering the world are invaluable, and we hope to be able to give Emerson a taste of this by continuing to see the world with him in tow. You can read the latest blog post What to do in Nicaragua here.

10 Random Facts about Vibes Life Us

1. We have a habit of acquiring cats, we currently have 4, luckily we’re married with a baby so can escape the crazy cat lady/ man tag.

2. We have 9 tattoos between us.

3. We are both trained in level 2 Reiki.

4. We witnessed one of the last ever shuttle launches from cape canaveral in 2009.

5. We love a box set who doesn’t? Our favourites are: Fear the Walking Dead, Empire, and The OA.

6. We love to hike, and spent our 5th wedding anniversary walking 70 miles in 3 days around the Pembrokeshire Coast Trail.

7. We came up with Emerson’s name in a McDonalds and it means brave and strong.

8. In 2014, we went to 25 gigs in 30 days for the iTunes festival – I’m not going to lie I was crying during Ed Sheeran on the last day through pure exhaustion, slumped against a wall.

9. We’re die hard Arctic Monkeys fans, and have seen them 16 times, across 5 different countries, and casually bumped into Alex & Jamie one night on Sunset Boulevard.

10. Only one of us likes Marmite.

The Girl Who Went Everywhere’s Questions for us

My questions for the nominees:

1 What do you miss most from home when you are travelling?

Family, and our cats.

2 What is the best vegetarian meal you have ever had?

The thali at Govindas restaurant in Soho

3 What book would you recommend for a long train journey?

The Celestine Prophecy

4 Where is somewhere you would go back to over and over if you could and why?

Phra nang beach, Krabi in Thailand the land of smiles. This beach Is beautiful surrounded by huge lime stone cliffs. A peninsula with no cars or mopeds, it is a magical place we spent our honeymoon here in 2011.

5 What travel hacks do you use to keep your luggage to a minimum?

We roll everything, and only take a small case each although this isn’t so easy with a baby.

6 What weather apps do you use?

Accuweather or iPhone app, whichever is showing the best weather.

7 What is your favourite form of transport when you are travelling, and why?

Our legs, we love to walk everywhere if we can. You get to really explore the destination, see things you wouldn’t usually take notice of and it’s exercise – winning

8 Where do you still want to go?

So many places, but we are lusting over Iceland, and South America. We was due to go Peru in 2012 but then Arctic Monkeys announced Coachella.

9 Where would you never go again?

Phuket, we stayed near Karon beach we were booked to stay a week we lasted 2 days. I’m sure there are parts that are a far cry away from Karon, but seeing people dig holes on the beach to bury rubbish was a low point.

10 How do you decide where to go next?

Usually on recommendations, or if we’re following music we will look at the countries where our favourite bands are playing when they tour.

Our nominees for the Liebster Award











Our questions for the nominees:

1. What is the most extreme thing you have ever done?

2.What is the best memory that you have while travelling?

3.If you could give someone £1,000,000 who would you give it to?

4.Do you think education, as it is today, does justice to life and learning?

5.when do you find time to blog?

6.Marmite, love it or hate it?

7. Who are your 6 ultimate dinner party guests, and why?

8. Have you ever visited a place just because you saw it in a book/series/animation/movie? What was that place?

9. What would your super power be?

10. What is your favorite book?

Liebster Award rules

Please see all rules here : Liebster Award Rules

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  1. jordyjords · December 18

    I still can’t believe I see my blog on your nominees list! Holy cow this is amazing!!!! Working on my post and should be able to publish it tomorrow, super excited! This is fantastic and I appreciate it so much =)

    • admin · December 18

      I’m so pleased you’re happy, I’ve loved reading about your travels. Looking forward to reading your post. 💕✌🏼

  2. floatinggold · December 18

    I enjoyed reading the random facts a lot. Funny.
    Thanks for the nomination! I’ll try and post something in response in the upcoming days.
    Also, FYI, you might have to manually tell those you nominated. Pingbacks don’t seem to work for many people, so they might not be aware of that nomination!

    • admin · December 18

      Thanks so much for your comment, I thought I had emailed sorry if I didn’t!! Glad you enjoyed it!! We look forward to reading your post. ✌🏼

      • floatinggold · December 18

        Oh, I’ve been in denial with emails for the past couple of days. I guess I should check it… LOL

        • admin · December 18

          Haha I know the feeling !!

  3. Chloe · 15 Days Ago

    Thank you so much!! I’m so sorry I’ve only just received an email to say you had nominated me! I’ll let you know when my blog post goes up! Thanks again!

    • admin · 15 Days Ago

      No problem at all!! Glad you got it 💕✌🏼